Colloidal Silver Gel 20ppm (2 oz.)

Colloidal Silver Gel 20ppm (2 oz.)

Silver Gel is EXCELLENT for many uses. It soothes dry skin, boo-boos, burns, bruises, sore bottoms and sun burns. It's great on bed sores and should be used on any open wound that just won't heal. We Kissling ladies use it daily on our faces for dry skin, healing blemishes and the like. Any time there is a scrape, cut or bruise... we reach for Silver Gel. We wouldn't be without it.



Colloidal Silver, Carbomer, TEA

*Not a substitute for professional medical advice provided by your physician. No statements made by Hugs & Kisslings have been evaluated by the FDA. The FDA requires us to state that this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.



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