Colloidal Silver 10ppm (4 fl. oz.)

Colloidal Silver 10ppm (4 fl. oz.)

Colloidal Silver – it’s one of those natural products that I’d heard about for years, but didn't truly understand it; Until I attended several seminars that demonstrated to me how extremely necessary it is to our well being. For years, silver was used as a natural anti-biotic that worked wonders. (Until the ‘true’ wonder drugs called antibiotics came along.) Silver has been proven to kill fungal infections, staph infections and even MERSA…the deadly bacterial infections that’s been in the news lately.

I could write a book about all that I learned in the seminars I attended…and another one to relate all of the personal testimonies I’ve heard & seen since. Through the seminars and my studies, I learned that not all silver is equal. It’s extremely important that the silver particles be micro-sized so that they will be able to be absorbed properly. Our colloidal silver is made using a generator that produces silver particles as small as .0008 microns. This give you far greater absorption of silver into the cells tissues and organs of the body.

Silver is now being used in hospital burn units around the country, and even several top government workers have asked our government to stock pile it for emergencies. (Unfortunately – our pharmaceutical companies were successful in shooting that down.)

We package it in amber glass bottles, as light destroys it. It is able to be heated, but should NEVER be refrigerated or frozen as the cold causes the particles to clump together, thereby creating a product that will not get into the bloodstream. As long as it is stored in dark place and at room temperature, its shelf life is indefinite.

We are selling our silver for a fraction of what you’d pay other places as we want to make it possible for you, our customers, to be able to get the benefits of this awesome natural anti-biotic at an affordable rate.


Ingredients: Colloidal Silver

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