About Us

Hugs & Kisslings traces its beginnings back to the summer of 1983, when Norm and I (Janet) were married. Back then we were not as naturally inclined. I had grown up on the farm and was committed to growing our own vegetables and preserving them for the winter months but really didn’t understand the benefits of whole grains, natural sweeteners, and so forth. However that all changed quickly as we began our family and I began to read and study about how to raise the healthiest children! =) Our third son, Nathan, arrived with many allergies, and dealt with eczema and asthma. My studies told me that I did not want to pump him full of drugs, and so began our journey into the world of natural healthy living! And what a journey it has been!

  We began by changing our eating habits from white flour and rice to all whole grains; (and eventually even grinding them all ourselves) from refined sugar to natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup; from store bought cow’s milk to fresh, raw goat's milk.

Through the years, God richly blessed us with 9 wonderful children. As our family grew; and our expenses along with it, we found ourselves needing to find ways to get the natural products for our family for less.

 We were blessed to move to a piece of property where we could have our own milk goats, meat birds, and laying hens. We didn’t do this all at once, of course, but slowly, over many years. And we are still working on the process! It’s a journey, like I said, and we’re always going to be on it! At least I hope!

We have many more products that we want to make. Natural Shampoo, lip balm, lotions, toothpaste, bottom cream - (for our precious grand-babies!) and then there’s cleaning products! 

   Another area that we researched and pursued is the use of herbs, essential oils, and natural medicines to heal our bodies. We believe that God has given us wonderful means of healing ourselves without having to deal with all of the side effects of drugs. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know, so I began taking classes here and there to be able to gain even more knowledge from those who have spent their lives researching these natural products. One such class was on the benefits of colloidal silver. After my first class, I was so excited that I wanted to buy stock in the company! There was only one problem, the same one we’ve always had - NOT ENOUGH MONEY! So once again, we cried out to God to provide a way, and after much research, we found we could purchase a silver generator that would allow us to make our own silver. How exciting to be able to make silver and use it to soak our feet, spray it on garden veggies… you name it!

But Norm wasn’t satisfied with liquid silver - he wanted to make it into a lotion or gel - so he started researching and found that he could make silver gel at a fraction of the cost that it was costing us to buy it. Soon friends found out and began wanting it. So we are excited to offer it to you as well! (We are selling it for way less than others because we want you to be able to get the benefits without the high cost.)

So what's next? Who knows??! As long as we stay on this journey and keep God as our Guide - it'll be exciting!!